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Another Lazy 8 Casino?

As North Valley residents, no doubt you’ve heard about the Wal-Mart Sky Vista project. However, did you know that in addition to that project is a proposed neighborhood casino? If you didn’t know, you’re not alone. Not too many people knew about it, not even our full City Council until just recently.  The same lobbyist/developer involved in the controversial Lazy 8 Casino has applied to the City of Reno to change the open space and residential areas in your backyard to a planned unit development (PUD) with a casino.  The project is owned by a group named RMT-HRCF Sky Vista LLC, whose principals are out of New York. 

Some years back, the City of Reno developed a comprehensive plan which limited where new casinos could be built and all but eliminated construction of new neighborhood casinos like the one sought in the North Valleys.  But the Developer wants to create new rules for the North Valleys, and is asking the City to allow a new casino and hotel towers next door to the Regional Park and close to multiple churches and schools, places where a casino has never been intended.  This would require a complete reversal of the City Council’s policy which establishes a number of more appropriate areas for new casinos, like downtown or near the convention center, as opposed to the quiet scenery North Valleys residents have come to cherish.  

Not once during the past several years when the Developer sought approvals for the Wal-Mart site were the plans for the casino ever mentioned.  Not to the Washoe County Commission, the Reno City Council, the North Valleys CAB or the North Valleys NAB.  Not until last December, when the Developer filed a 100 plus page PUD application with the City of Reno, were its plans partially revealed.  There on one page, on one line, the Developer sought approval for "Non-Restricted Gaming."  Not surprisingly, many City Council members were completely unaware the application sought approvals for a neighborhood casino. 

This site will be updated from time to time with your comments and additional information about the project as it becomes available.  Whether you support or oppose the project, it is important you are aware of what is occurring in your neighborhood and have an opportunity to voice your opinion about whether you want this project in your backyard.  We encourage you to contact your Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) representatives or City councilmember and let them know what you think your neighborhood should look like.